Soft Back

Cold Pack with adjustable Lumbar support for patients with herniated disks, spinal injuries and chronic back pain, the soft back wrap conforms to the lower back for hours of cold compression therapy. Can also be worn without the cold pack, as a lightweight lumbar back support.



SB-1 — 11″ × 46″ 1 Double Gel Bag (SB)

SB-2 — 11″ × 46″ 2 Double Gel Bags (SB)


Length11 in./27.94 cm.11 in./27.94 cm.
Width46 in./116.84 cm.46 in./116.84 cm.
Pack Model1 Double Gel Bag (SB)2 Double Gel Bags (SB)
Max. Coldness Duration2 hours at 72° F/22.2° C2 hours at 72° F/22.2° C

Published on August 10, 2020

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