Clinical Use

Cold therapy wraps are a simple, cost-efficient alternative to cold therapy machines and cooling systems. Unlike high-maintenance cooling systems, Active Ice wraps require no electricity, cords or tubes, eliminating the risk of electric shock and making them easy to use outside of the home and while moving around.

The versatile designs can be used on either the right or left side of the body and are completely flexible when frozen, molding to the body for better coverage. Our wraps are an affordable one-time purchase with reusable gel packs that fit easily in the freezer. Forget the hoses, tubes and hard-to-clean coolers; Active Ice wraps and inserts are easy to sanitize and wash.

Active Ice Cold Therapy vs. Cooler Systems

Clinics and Hospitals use Active Ice to

Active Ice is effective

Cold compression therapy

Cold Compression Therapy

Active Ice is built on the principal of cryotherapy, or using cold temperatures along with compression to enable vasoconstriction and safely relieve a patient’s pain, immediately after a surgery or injury.

Heat therapy

Heat Therapy

Active Ice can also be heated using a hot bath to increase circulation and natural healing, after the initial inflammation and swelling of a surgery or injury site have diminished.

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